domenica 12 ottobre 2008

Terra Madre Official Documentary needs you!

"We really believe in the great strength and opportunities of modern technologies and film".
Carlo Petrini, president Slow Food International, 2008

Slow Food has decided to make a video documentary about Terra Madre to describe the project in the truest, most passionate way possible.
The film will speak not only about the event that is taking place in Turin in October, but also about the ideals of Terra Madre and its history.
Terra Madre is a network which brings together food communities, cooks, originary and youth delegates for four days in Turin.
The documentary will narrate their stories,
will narrate your stories, your experiences, your community and your work.
This is the reason why we ask for your contribute.

We will film the official Terra Madre event and the various speeches. And we'll also interview the people there.
We would love to involve all the Terra Madre communities in the project, collecting video and audio material from all over the world.
For us this is the only way to make a film that can realistically represent our great movement.
Of course, everyone who wishes to contribute to the movie will be credited.

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